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This session of the tug of war competition, we dry up!

   The annual staff activities finally ushered in the yuguang electric tug of war competition at the beginning of the twelfth lunar month, probably who did not expect, this activity came in a fierce way, but fortunately our "defense project" is safe.

   From the middle of November, all the participants gradually began to warm up, on December 1, the official whistle of the competition, 2021 Yuguang electric tug-of-war competition with the breath of struggle to come to us!
1.jpg 2.jpg
The rules of the game
Unit setting: 6 teams, best of three games
The tug-of-war competition will be divided into groups and draw lots on the spot
Number of participants: each team selects 10 members to form the participating team (10 members for each team, 7 men and 3 women). There is also a leader who is responsible for the organization of personnel
1. Production system: Technical team, SMD production team, piranha team
2. Material System: Material Support team
3. Business system: Sales elite team
4. Engineering quality System: Engineering quality team
Objective: to enhance the physical quality of employees, to create a team atmosphere of "unity, innovation, hard work, enterprising", to shape the positive and tenacious spirit of Yuliang people.
Bonus set
First prize: 800 yuan
Second prize: 600 yuan
Third prize: 400 yuan
And participation gifts
Grouping the race
After drawing lots on the spot, the groups of tug-of-war competition are as follows:
SMD LED production team VS Engineering quality team
9.jpg 8.jpg
Technical team VS. Sales team
11.jpg 12.jpg
The material security team VS. The Piranha led team
10.jpg 7.jpg
Each member of the team never give up the momentum to stimulate the passion and explosive force of the team, not only make concerted efforts for their own team, but also enthusiastically give applause and cheers to other teams, showing a positive, indomitable spirit of struggle and full of vitality. Without further ado, let's feel the atmosphere of the scene!
13.jpg 14.jpg
16.jpg 17.jpg
After fierce competition, the final results are respectively
First prize: Material Security Team
Second prize: SMD Production Team
Third prize: Engineering Quality Team
Persistence Award: Sales Excellence Team
Where there is attempt, there is hope. Sometimes these "breakthroughs" don't have to be big, but with a little skill and persistence in the normal lines of work or life, they can make a wonderful ripple.
The successful conclusion of the competition can not be separated from the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of all the participants. Thanks to the active participation of all the participants and the hard work of all the staff, the 2021 Tug-of-war competition of Shenzhen Yuguang Electric came to a perfect end.